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Six Day War Competition

Rules and details of the competition

Who can enter


The Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

The competition is divided into three divisions, under 11s, 11-16s, and 17-21s. Your age is taken as it will be on the 6th of June 2007. You may only enter in the division appropriate to your age.

Open and Local Competitions

Various schools, youth groups and other organisations will be running local divisions of the competition. Where there are national competitions (e.g. in the UK) the winners of each division in each local competition will be considered finalists in the national competition. The remaining finalists will be selected from the "open" pool, that is, from entries submitted directly to the competition.

Entries judged locally may not be re-entered in the open competition. If you are not part of an organisation running a local competition, or if you have more than one entry, you may enter your additional entries (up to 2) in the open pool.

Outside the UK

Please use the competition format on this site.