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Six Day War Competition

Rules and details of the competition


The local competition (UK)

Local prizes / certificates may be organised by your local competition organiser. Additionally finalists will have their work published at this site and perhaps other sites linked to the competition.

Open Competition (UK)

Finalists in the open competition will be mailed a certificate of achievement by the organisers

UK Finals

There will be upto 4 winners in each age group, and there is a prize fund of 1200 [currently, additional contributions welcome] towards prizes for the winners

The winners in each division will also be invited to meet the Israeli Ambasador at a prize giving to take place at the Israeli Embassy in London in July. It is hoped that at least some of the winning entries will also be published in print.

Other National Finals

We are currently seeking partner organisations to coordinate the national level competitions outside the UK. The role of such organisers / committees will include organising prizes and a prize giving similar to the UK. If you are interest in being on such a committee, or your organisation would like to take on this role, please email Andre Oboler.

If you would like to donate money towards prizes, or suitable prizes for other countries or a country in particular, please contact Lewis Herlitz.