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Six Day War Competition

Letter to Jewish schools, youth groups and community organiations

Call for National Organisers

To make the competition more successful, we need your help. This applies both to organisations in the UK, and to those in Israel and overseas.

What we really need is organisations outside the UK to form their own National level competition committees, both to spread word of the competition to their jewish community organisations, and if there is time, to run national competitions along the lines of the UK model.

The role of such a committee / sponsoring organisation would be:

  1. Organise a panel of high profile community leaders and academics to server as judges
  2. Contact the various Jewish community and educational organisations asking if they will take part and run their own mini competition to feed into the national one (local winners becoming entrants)
  3. Organise prizes and a prize giving ceremony for the winners

Just to clarify what we are providing:

  1. The resource website:
  2. The competition rules, essay questions, and format
  3. An online entry system for those organisations wishing to use it
  4. Online publication of the best essays, this will inform public debate and support Israel.
  5. An example setup in the UK which we are managing directly

Further explanations are in the call for participation, please feel free to share this invitation with others who you feel can help.

Major Jewish organisations are also invited to and be added to the list of supporters.

Many thanks for your consideration

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