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Six Day War Competition

Letter to Jewish schools, youth groups and community organiations

Call for organisational involvement


A message from Lewis Herlitz and Andre Oboler, organisers of the Six Day War Anniversary Competition

We are part of a group of volunteers [in the UK] that has put together a resource website for journalists, teachers, community representatives and anyone else who needs to have good information about what happened. It is called:

We are now launching a competition for young people, in conjunction with the 6 Day War Project and Zionism on the Web, to help them engage with and commemorate the war. It can be found at:

All this has been done very quickly but we really hope that you will join in. We hope you will forward this email to your chederim, youth clubs and schools so that they can enter the competition. The Competition is supported by the Zionist Federation and the Israeli Embassy amongst others.

The basic structure is very simple and the competition has been designed so that it can be run within community organisations. Winners of community organisational competitions can then have their entries submitted to a national competition where there is a judges panel of well known people including Lady Elaine Sacks, and Eric Moonman. More details are on the website. We also hope that jewish organisations in other countries will use the competition format.

We hope that Jewish organisations in other countries will use the competition format. It is not about glorifying war, but reflecting on its impact.

With all good wishes

Lewis Herlitz and Andre Oboler
Six Day War Competition Organisers

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