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Six Day War Competition

Rules and details of the competition

Supporting organisations

The Six Day War Competition is run in conjunction with the dedication education website and coordinated with support of Zionism On The Web.

This competition has the support of the following people and organisations:

International / Regional

United Kingdom


Call for organisational involvement

A letter inviting organisations to participate is now being circulated to Jewish organisations around the world. A copy of the letter may be seen here. Please feel free to share this information with other individuals and organisations which may wish to become involved.

A second letter has been sent to major Jewish organisations outside of the UK. Such organisations are invited to become involved as part of a National Organising Committee in their own country. The letter may be seen here. Again please feel free to share this information with other organisations who may wish to take a lead on this.

Add your support

Other organisations wishing to endorse the competition should contact Andre Oboler by the end of May.

Organisations and companies wishing to donate additional prizes should contact Lewis Herlitz by June 8th 2007.

Organisations taking part through their own local competitions are listed here. If you wish to be added, click here.

Additional assistance for educators

Queries on educational programming, lesson plans, and resources related to Israel and the Middle East can also be requested from the JAFI Education Department in Israel. E-mail: askeducation AT or visit The JAFI Education Department. You may also want to visit the JAFI Six Day War Resource page.