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Six Day War Competition

Rules and details of the competition

For organisations


The Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

This is the main page for teachers, youth group leaders, and community leaders interested in the Six Day War Competition.

Jewish Community organisations from any country are invited to participate by running local competitions. If your organisation is based in the UK or Northern Ireland, your winning entries in each division will qualify for entry in the UK national competition. Other national competitions may also be organised if organisations are willing to support this.

We have taken the idea of retelling the story in multiple local groups from Pesach, where the story is told around the world, yet everyone reads from the same Haggadah.

We would like everyone to use the same competition format to commemorate and re-engage with this anniversary.

The divisions

The divisions are by age, and organisations may enter in any division for which they have sufficient members. See participation requirements for more details.

The divisions are:


The obligations on participating organisations are not heavy, but are required to ensure the fair and smooth running of the competition.

Most importantly, participating organisations must have a named organiser for coordinating the competition locally and must ensure they can fairly judge the entries they recieve by the deadline.

More on organisations obligations here.


Organisations can request to join by e-mailing with:

Please also attach a copy of your logo that is suitable for displaying on the competition website

You will receive a reply which will give you further details about the competition process for your organisation.

Other details