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Six Day War Competition

Rules and details of the competition

How to enter

The Organisational competition

Please follow the instructions of your competition organiser. They may require you to use the online system, in which case you should ensure you select the right organisation / division when submitting your entry. Alternatively you can e-mail your entry to the address you will be provided with.

If you have submitted an entry through an organisation you may not submit an Individual entry.

Individuals Competition

Each person may submit up to two entries in the open competition. You submit these through the online system, by entering your details and attaching your file as a word document, pdf or text file.

Please ensure you select the correct division when entering through the online system

You can also enter via e-mail. Send an e-mail with your name in the body of the e-mail and your entry attached to:

Closing date

All entries for the UK competition must be received by 6pm on Wednesday October 31st (note that this date has been extended).

Entries for competitions run outside the UK must be recieved by the closing date published by local organisers. Dates will be provided here as they are finalised.