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Six Day War Competition

Rules and details of the competition

Under 11


The Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

This is the main page for people aged under 11 (on the 6th of June 2007) wanting to enter the Six Day War competition.

The Task

Topic 1: To write a poem about Israel & Peace. What are your feelings about Israel and Peace, what can Peace mean to Israel, its people, its neighbours?

Topic 2: To write a poem about Jerusalem. What is special about Jerusalem? What does it mean to you? What does Jerusalem mean to your family, friends and the Jews everywhere?

Minimum of 12 lines, maximum of 50.

How to enter

Please see the how to enter page for further instructions.

Equal Opportunities

The competition organisers believe in Equal Opportunities and will work to facilitate the participation of any students unable to enter in either of the above ways.

Parents and teachers are welcome to assist students with the process of submitting their poem.

Closing date

All entries for the UK competition must be received by 6pm on Wednesday October 31st (note that this date has been extended).

Entries for competitions run outside the UK must be recieved by the closing date published by local organisers. Dates will be provided here as they are finalised.

Participating organisations

A list of organisations participating will appear here once the competition opens.

If you are a teacher, youth group leader, or community leader and would like to involve your organisation, click here!.

Further Information for participants