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Six Day War Competition

Rules and details of the competition

Age 17 to 21


The Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

This is the main page for people aged 17 to 21 wanting to enter the Six Day War competition.


A UK version of a poster is now available for this division. You may wish to see, display or distribute the poster.

An Australian poster for this division is also being produced and we are finalising those supporters who wish to appear on it.

The Task

Topic 1: The Consequences. You are invited to evaluate the consequences of the 6 Day War on Israel, what they think it means and why. Your entry should address the question of whether it was a success that was built on, an opportunity that was lost, or something else.

Topic 2: Reunification of Jerusalem. You are invited to write an evaluation of what the reunification of Jerusalem should mean to Israel and other Middle Eastern states. For example will it encourage people of different faiths to live together in harmony?

Topic 3: The Aftermath. Discuss the impact of the Six Day War on the Jews in the surrounding countries, and on the how Israel is viewed by these countries as a result of the war.

Entries should be between 1000 and 1500 words [upto 3 sides of A4]

You are encouraged to include not only your opinions (which are important) but also factual detail. Entries will be judged on their ability to engage the reader and share how people feel.

Please reference all your sources at the end.

How to enter

Please see the how to enter page for further instructions.

Additional, for the 17 to 21 competition, please note that youth groups may run a competition division for their leaders as well as for their members.

Equal Opportunities

The competition organisers believe in Equal Opportunities and will work to facilitate the participation of any students unable to enter in either of the above ways.

You are welcome to have someone else assist you with the process of submitting your entry if this is needed.

Closing date

All entries for the UK competition must be received by 6pm on Wednesday October 31st (note that this date has been extended).

Entries for competitions run outside the UK must be recieved by the closing date published by local organisers. Dates will be provided here as they are finalised.

Participating organisations

A list of organisations participating will appear here once the competition opens.

If you are a JSoc chair, youth group leader, or community leader and would like to involve your organisation, click here!.

Further Information for participants