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Six Day War Competition

Rules and details of the competition

Age 12 to 16


The extremely rare Blue Butterfly

This is the main page for people aged 12 to 16 wanting to enter the Six Day War competition.

The Task

You are invited to write a story as if you were recalling your involvement in the six day war. What kind of involvement did you have? What happened to you? How do they feel now looking back on it all?

Entries should be between 500 and 1000 words [this is about 2 sides of A4]

You are encouraged to inlcude as much factual detail as you can. Entries will be judged on their ability to engage the reader, explain the facts, and share how people felt.


You can enter either directly to the competition, or if they are participating, through your school, shule, youth group or other Jewish Community organisation.

You can enter the open division through the online system

You can also enter by sending an e-mail that includes your name and your essay to You can attach your essay as a word document, pdf file, or text file.

Equal opportunity

The competition organisers believe in equal opportunity and will work to facilitate the participation of any students unable to enter in either of the above ways.

Parents and teachers are welcome to assist students with the process of submitting their essays if additional help is needed.

Participanting organisations

A list of organisations participating will appear here once the competition opens.

If you are a teacher, youth group leader, or community leader and would like to involve your organisation, click here!.

Further Information for participants