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Six Day War Competition

Rules and details of the competition

Welcome and Introduction

This is an essay competition dedicated to commemorating the Six Day War, celebrating the reunification of Jerusalem, and expressing hope for peace for Israel and the Middle East.

Israel and the Diaspora is under much pressure from well organised antagonists who portray Israel as the source of Palestinian, Middle Eastern and even global problems, so it is important to reflect on the Six Day War and what it was really all about, and what that might mean now.

We therefore invite schools and communities, as well as students and young people of primary, secondary and higher education age to participate in this competition.

The Six Day War

The Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

This year Israel commemorated the fortieth anniversary of the Six Day War. A new website has been developed capturing the feelings at the time, what the politicians were saying in the Middle East, in Israel and in the West. It has also gathered the feelings of the average person, their worries, their experiences, both inside Israel and around the world. Both well known and ordinary people have written in with their recollections, diary entries and pictures.

The Competition

We want to encourage children and young people from around the world to engage with the 40th anniversary, and have organised a writing competition to that purpose. The main competition is open to all, with age restrictions as indicated for the different tasks.

The structure of the competition may be replicated by any Jewish organisation or community in any country. Enquiries from other organisations are welcome.

We have taken the idea of having the same competiton running in many Jewish communities, from the idea of Pesach where the story is told around the world, yet everyone reads from the same Haggadah.

We would like everyone to use the same competition format to commemorate and re-engage with this anniversary.

We will endeavour to publish the top entries from all organisations on this website, so please do contact us if you wish to take part.

The Organisers

Inside the UK and Northern Ireland this has been organised by the Six Day War Project and Zionism On The Web, both on an entirely voluntary basis.

The competition has recieved support from key organisation in the Jewish world, the Zionist movement, and from the State of Israel. A list of supporters can be seen here.

The competition close date, originally set for June 24th, has now been moved to Wednesday October 31st.